Serving Central Pennsylvania within 75 - 100 miles of Harrisburg for White Bird releases.
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About PA White Birds

Our Whitebirds are trained to come back home. This is the only ethical way to perform the releases. The birds are well fed and taken care of in sanitary lofts. They are vaccinated and treated routinely to prevent illnesses and insect problems. We pride ourselves in our birds that they are kept healthy and relatively tame. They take regular baths and love to lay in the sun to dry after bathing. They are a part of our family.

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Young birds returning
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Young birds going inside

This is a hobby that has grown out of caring and respect for our birds and we love to watch them fly and return home. This being said, we try to be available whenever necessary. We will be unavailable some times of the year for vacations etc Any pre-booked release will by all means be taken care of which is why it is best to book as early as possible with a deposit..

Nature being what it is we find ourselves from time to time low on trained birds. Hawks are a serious problem and from time to time there is no reason to a group that just does not return. Of course we hope this doesn't happen often, we never know. Our main fly direction is from Newport, PA towards the east and south. If a release is needed to the west we may need several weeks to train some birds in that direction for their best chance to return safely.

Like any trained athlete we fly our birds regularly to keep them in good flying condition. The birds will fly for an hour or more circling home and taking trips. It is not unusual for them to go off on a trip to investigate their surrounding home area. I have read they may fly as far at 25 miles or more away and return just for exercise, although we have no way of really knowing ourselves.

Training begins with the birds when they are only 12 weeks of age and just beginning to fly. After they have learned to fly in their home area and begin to take trips on their own, we start road  training them. This consists of taking the youngsters out on training flights beginning within sight of home and then increasing the distance.

It takes time and a lot of miles to have properly trained birds that return consistently. Although it would be nice to not lost any of our young birds, it happens. Hawks and overhead wires account for many losses to our family of young.

It is possible with proper training for a 4 to 5 month old youngster to fly home from several hundred miles and return in one day. We don't try to fly our birds this far. Up to 100 miles is our goal since going any farther is just not feasible. Both time and gas is the limiting factor.

If you live farther or in a different direction than we predominantly fly, then we can arrange to train some birds in your direction providing enough time is allowed. 

A video of  Two young birds flying for the first time.

We sometimes have White Birds available for sale. We are breeding strictly pure white Trenton birds.
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