Supplying youngsters to White Bird release businesses.

Contract breeding only. 

We raise quality youngsters you need to start up a release business or to add great returning birds from 100 plus miles with proper training.  

We have White Trenton birds and are available to supply squeakers with adequate time for raising the babies.

We can ship anywhere in the US. Deposits must be made before raising any babies and bands if needed are to be supplied by purchasers. Use contact information above to order.

Of course it takes time to raise the youngsters to shipping age. Orders must be placed well in advance of expected time of delivery for training to your locality and loft.


$25 each plus delivery or pick up.
Minimum 4 birds to an order.

Photo by Vicki Bolinger, Harrisburg, PA Photo by Vicki Bolinger, Harrisburg, PA



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PA Whitebird Releases by Riverside Retreat

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Central PA Whitebird Release Whitebirds

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Click here for video of a Central PA White Bird Release
Courtesy of
David P. Garrett

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PA Whitebird Release by Riverside Retreat

Variety of Release Baskets
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